LCM 2017 Conference

Ana Cláudia Dias, Paula Quinteiro, Tamíris Costa and Pedro Villanueva attended the Life Cycle Management (LCM) 2017 Conference held in Luxembourg from 3 to 6 Setember 2017. They presented the following works resulting from the SustainFor project:

- Dias, A.C., Quinteiro, P., Costa, T., Arroja, L., Castanheira, E., Garcia, R., Marques, P., Freire, F. Sustainability assessment of the Portuguese forest sector.

- Quinteiro, P., Rafael, S., Villanueva-Rey, P., Lopes, M., Arroja, L., Dias, A.C. Addressing the green water scarcity footprint of eucalypt production in Portugal.

- Costa, T., Quinteiro, P., Tarelho, L., Arroja, L., Dias, A.C. Environmental impacts of biomass-to-energy conversion technologies: grate boilers and fluidized bed boilers.